What is a Mommy Makeover?

If you are a mother, you are aware of the physical changes you inherit during your pregnancy or even perhaps post-pregnancy. Some women try to combat some of these changes with diet and exercise but sometimes remain dissatisfied with their appearance. Many look to cosmetic surgery as an answer to their problems. These are sometimes called a “mommy makeover”.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is a compilation of different surgical procedures that have been put together to reverse the physical remnants of motherhood. Some women choose to have multiple procedures done during one single operation, and some choose to have them completed in multiple.

The most common procedures involve a tummy tuck in order to remove the excess skin from the stomach and a breast augmentation or a breast lift. If the client so chooses, liposuction may be added. Some may even decide to add vaginal rejuvenation and/or a Brazilian butt lift.

Mommy makeover expenses

Based upon reviews submitted online by women who have undergone the procedure(s), the total average cost of a mommy makeover is about $12,300. This price is certainly not set in stone, for many factors can cause this final price to fluctuate greatly.

The factors that can affect these fluctuations can be, but are not limited to, the surgeon’s experience level, post-operation appointments, and any potential extra costs related to surgical tools, the operating room, or anesthesia.

Mommy makeover preparation

As with any sort of surgical procedure, you will require a considerable amount of time to recover from the operation. Typically women will take two to three weeks off of work. Arrange for someone you trust to provide your transportation home.

Considering the nature of the operation being aimed at mothers, you should also arrange assistance with childcare. During your first week of recovery, you will need help through most activities, especially strenuous activity such as driving, bathing, cooking, etc.