Facial Plastic Surgery

Learn About Facelift, Blepharoplasty and Otoplasty Procedures in NYC

Ultimately, your face is what the world often first sees of you. You deserve to send a confident image. In New York and elsewhere, facial plastic surgery can help you to put your best face forward all of the time. Restore your face to a more youthful appearance, or attain the ears, eyelid, neck, or cheeks that more closely resemble what you’ve always dreamt of.

People all over New York have learned what plastic surgery can do to improve their features. Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman has helped many individuals achieve the quality results they’re looking for. During a consultation with him, he will answer your questions regarding any plastic surgery procedure you are considering, and he will discuss the surgery itself and any risks associated with it, as well as recovery expectations.

Here is some helpful information regarding some of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures in and around New York City.

Facial Plastic Surgery


This facial surgery procedure is conducted to improve the appearance of the face and the neck. During this procedure, Dr. Ascherman lifts facial soft tissues and removes any excess skin. This procedure is often considered when the facial skin has become loose, when there is excess skin on the lower jaw line, excess neck fat and skin, and/or sagging cheeks. A facelift can give a more youthful shape to a patient’s face. It’s important to understand that a facelift isn’t meant for eyelid wrinkles, sun damage or creases around the nose or upper lip.

During surgery, various techniques will be used to meet a patient’s desired results. These include a traditional facelift with incisions in the hairline and down and around the front of the ears ending behind the ears. A limited incision facelift is when short incisions are made in the same places. Lastly, a neck lift involves incisions at the front of the earlobes and continuing behind the ears into the lower scalp.

After incisions are made, fat will be redistributed or removed from the face, neck or jowls. Liposuction may sometimes be used as well. Excess skin is removed. The surgery usually takes three to four hours, and it may take longer if other cosmetic surgeries are being done at the same time. After surgery, a small drain is typically placed under the skin behind each ear to drain excess fluid, and is normally removed the day following surgery. Incisions are initially covered with bandages which can also help to decrease swelling. Post-op instructions and postop appointment schedules will be given to you prior to surgery.

Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Surgery

This surgical procedure can help to remove excess eyelid skin and fat, and repair droopy eyelids on patients. When performed by itself, it is often done in the office under local anesthesia, although it can be done with sedation as well if a patient wishes. This surgery may also be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as a face lift, brow lift, Botox, or dermal fillers. Before surgery, Dr. Ascherman will conduct a careful physical exam, and thoroughly evaluate your eyelids.

Typically, the upper lids are worked on first during any type of eyelid surgery. Incisions are made on the fold of the eyelid and any excess skin and fat are removed. Stitches are then used to close the incision. On the lower lid, Dr. Ascherman makes an incision just below the lashes, or sometimes even inside the lower lid itself. Excess fat and skin are removed as indicated, and the incision is closed.

After surgery, some patients may experience a variety of temporary symptoms including watery eyes, puffy or numb eyelids, and black eyes.


Otoplasty is cosmetic ear surgery that is done to change the size or shape of the ears. This surgery can be done at any age after the ears have reached, or nearly reached, their full size. Most patients are at least 5 years old. This surgery is often considered if someone has an ear or ears that stick out further than desired from their head, disproportionate ears, or because of a previous unsuccessful ear surgery. Various techniques are used based on the type of correction needed. The technique chosen will depend on the type of correction to be made. Incisions are usually located on the back of the ears. After incisions are made, excess skin or cartilage is removed. Next, the cartilage is folded into the proper position, and is held in this new position with stitches. This facial surgery procedure takes about two and a half hours.


Botox is an injectable procedure that is often performed to decrease forehead lines, lines around the eyelids, and lines between the eyebrows. It is administered with a fine needle into specific muscles that are being treated. The number of units used will depend on the strength of the muscles being treated, and the extent of the lines and/or wrinkles involved. It usually takes three to seven days, and occasionally longer, for it to take full effect. Botox frequently lasts three to four months.


Dermal fillers or wrinkle fillers are injected directly into the face to eliminate or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They can also be used to restore youthful rounded contours or to replace lost volume in the cheeks or lips. They can help treat vertical lip lines, thinning lips, wrinkles, lip borders, and Marionette (corner of the mouth) lines. Average treatment takes about 30 minutes and the number of syringes used depends on the treatment plan. Results often last about 4-6 months, but this varies with each patient.

Do you want to learn about what facial cosmetic surgery can do for you? If so, you can call Dr. Ascherman’s office today to schedule an informative consultation. He specializes in all types of plastic surgery, and helps individuals from all over New York as well as from New Jersey, Connecticut, and elsewhere.