Discover Body Plastic Surgery Procedures New York City

From Body Lift to Mommy Makeover

When it comes to your body, there comes a time when you may want to improve upon what you have. With the help of professional New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Ascherman, you can do exactly that. He is widely experienced in this area of plastic surgery. He also can answer all of your questions regarding any of the plastic surgery procedures below, and explain the risks associated with each one.

When it comes to the decision-making process of top plastic surgery procedures on your body, understanding what each procedure involves is increasingly important. Here is information on some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Ascherman performs on the body for his patients.

Body Plastic Surgery Procedures New York City

Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck improves the appearance of the abdominal area by removing excess skin and fat and tightens connective tissues to create a toned look. It is great for someone with C-section scarring, who has had liposuction without success, someone with a separation between their abdominal wall muscles, or who has simply has excess skin or fat in their abdomen. A tummy tuck is sometimes done in combination with other plastic surgery procedures too. Dr. Ascherman will make incisions to remove the excess skin and fat in the area. The fascia which covers the abdominal muscles is tightened with sutures. From there, he repositions the skin in the area and may create a new belly button position. The incision for a full abdominoplasty is often hip to hip slightly above the pubic bone, whereas the incision for a mini-abdominoplasty is shorter. Surgery often takes about three hours, or may be longer depending on the amount of tissue to be removed. Post-op a patient typically has small drainage tubes that are placed near the incision site in order to drain fluid or blood.


Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure popular in New York City and elsewhere that uses suction therapy to remove fat from different body parts. Also known as body contouring, it is used in various parts of the body, including but not limited to the buttocks, abdomen, hips, thighs, and neck. Dr. Ascherman can determine what type of liposuction you will benefit from. The liposuction surgery can take up to several hours, depending on the extent of the fat removal for the patient. Patients typically experience mild to moderate pain, swelling and bruising following their liposuction plastic surgery. Compression garments are worn for several weeks post-op to help reduce swelling.

Body Lift

A body lift procedure is done in order to lift lower body tissue and to improve overall body shape. This plastic surgery procedure, which is popular in the New York area, improves parts of your body  that have become saggy over time. Some areas a body lift can improve are your groin regions, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Dr. Ascherman will vary the  incisions on you depending on the location of the skin and fat you want removed and how much there is. A complete lower body lift can be done too that includes the waist, thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen all in one procedure. Like some of the other plastic surgeries where large amounts of tissue are removed, small drainage tubes are placed under the skin to promote fluid drainage post-op.

Arm Lift

Also known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can improve the appearance of the under part of the upper arms. During this plastic surgery procedure, incisions are made on the undersides of the arms. The pattern and/or length will depend on the amount of skin being removed. Dr. Ascherman then tightens underlying tissues securing them with stitches. Liposuction may also be used at this part of the surgery. This procedure takes one and half to two hours’ time. After surgery, incisions are covered with bandages. Small drain tubes may be placed in your arms to drain fluid or blood. These are typically removed a few days after surgery at your first post-op appointment.

Buttock Lift

A buttock lift is a surgical procedure to improve the  appearance of the buttocks. It removes excess skin or fat from the area and repositions existing skin and fat  to look more toned or full.  Weight changes, genetics, sun damage and aging all can lead to poor skin elasticity. During surgery, Dr. Ascherman makes an incision along the lower back from hip to hip. From there, the skin is pulled up, which lifts the buttocks. Any extra skin or fat is removed. This surgery typically takes two to three hours. After surgery, you’ll feel moderate pain. One or more drains will be placed under the wound to drain excess fluid. They are typically left there one to two weeks following surgery.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a surgical procedure that can include a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including those mentioned above as well as breast augmentation, breast lifts, or breast reduction surgery, to name a few. Dr. Ascherman can evaluate a patient and offer surgical suggestions to help the patient’s vision of their body come to fruition.

Ultimately, Dr. Ascherman specializes in all types of plastic surgery and conducts surgery for individuals in all of New York City as well as the Westchester area, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other areas located further away. To learn more about your surgical options, contact his New York office today to schedule an informative consultation.